September 4, 2019

The Legacy of John Williams Podcast is an audio podcast series part of the website The Legacy of John Williams, a platform devoted to study and celebrate the rich musical legacy of film composer John Williams. The project is curated and managed by film music historian Maurizio Caschetto.

The mission of The Legacy of John Williams is to build a reference archive on the internet about the cultural and aesthetic importance of John Williams' music and the huge impact it had (and it’s still having) on many people around the world, especially musicians, composers, film professionals, music scholars, historians and people that, in one way or another, chose their school and career paths after being influenced by John Williams and his music. The end goal is to present written, filmed and recorded materials to anyone interested in studying the music of one of the world’s leading composers.

The podcast is devoted mainly to interviews with musicians, composers, conductors, filmmakers, scholars and film music professionals who worked with John Williams throughout the years, but also people who were inspired by his music to pursue a career in the music world. These episodes are called Legacy Conversations.

But there are also podcast devoted to John Williams' music analysis and commentary on specific scores, featuring special guests.

The podcast is written and produced by Maurizio Caschetto for The Legacy of John Williams.

Visit the website for more interesting content.

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